Collection: Foggers

- Spraytech Cold Foggers Range -

Fogging solution available on request. 25 ltrs £125.00 (Approx 2 ltrs will treat a 3 bedroom house)

Foggers are capable of atomizing light liquids; both water and oil-based, including pesticides, deodorants, disinfectants and, of course, water. Heavier liquids can also be fogged, providing their viscosity and surface tension is not too great. (Viscosity and surface tension affect both output rate and droplet size distribution.) In general, the output of our foggers falls in a range from a near-invisible ULV dry fog (7-10 micron diameter), to an intermediate fog (15-20 microns), to a heavy, wet fog (30+ microns). Droplet size differs with nozzle design, fogger model number, liquid discharge rate and, of course, the liquid being applied.

Our sprayers can quickly disinfect large areas with bacteria- and virus-killing household bleach. Many health and safety organizations like the CDC, EPA and FAO recommend using a diluted household bleach solution to properly disinfect hard surfaces. Whilst warranties do not cover bleach, according to the Graco and Ingersoll Rand chemical compatibility guides, our Santoprene diaphragm pumps have a B (Good) rating against sodium hyphochlorite (bleach), as long as the mix ratio is under 20%. 

Please wear PPE when using Fogging Equipment.